KSh 7450
The Westminster 2Lt Spotlight features a captivating design in satin brass and smoke colours, complemented by a sleek black finish. The smoky hue of the glass creates a soft and diffused lighting effect, adding a gentle illumination to the surrounding area. This creates a cosy and inviting ambiance, perfect for creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your kitchen or dining room. With its cone-shaped glass, the Westminster 2Lt Spotlight provides focused and directional illumination, allowing you to highlight specific areas, objects, or architectural features in your space. Whether you want to showcase a stunning piece of artwork or accentuate the beauty of your kitchen island, this spotlight adds depth and visual interest to your design scheme. In addition to its stylish aesthetics, the Westminster 2Lt Spotlight offers practical benefits. The soft and diffused light creates an atmospheric lighting effect, setting the perfect mood for intimate dinners or relaxed gatherings.

Colour: White

Total Height (mm)195

Item number23801-2SM

Height (mm)155

Width (mm)170

Length (mm)390

Net weight0.45

Lamp Holder TypeE14