KSh 3600
The Meshy Round Spotlight wall light enhances the ambiance and functionality of any space. Crafted from durable mild steel and finished in a contemporary matt black, this spotlight boasts a sleek and contemporary design that seamlessly blends with various interior styles. The mesh material acts as a diffuser, dispersing the light evenly and reducing harsh glare, and creating stunning lighting effects. This creates a softer and more comfortable lighting atmosphere, perfect for creating a cosy ambiance in any room. This single spotlight is fully adjustable and provides focused and directional lighting, allowing you to highlight specific areas or objects. Whether you need task lighting in your kitchen or workspace or want to accentuate artwork or architectural features, the Meshy spotlight is the perfect solution.

Colour: White

Total Height (mm)160

Item number81201-1BK

Height (mm)130

Width (mm)90

Length (mm)125

Net weight0.19

Lamp Holder TypeE14