Nanoleaf light panels are fully customizable panels, which can transform your walls/ceilings/bar etc. into works of art!

  • In a box you get 9 panels, a power module and a rhythm module + connectors.
  • You can connect the 9 panels (or more) together in any shape/design you want-set yourcreativity free!
  • The panels can be programmed (very easily through the app) to show any combination ofcolours, or just a single colour and can also be set to colour changing.
  • The Rhythm module allows the light panels to pick up on sound/music and the light comingfrom the panels will react and change according to the sound/music. – Perfect for parties!
  • Everything is controlled through the app which has many different light themes so you have a theme for every occasion, and if those themes aren’t enough you can also create yourown custom themes.


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